Westend Snooker Café


Westend Snooker Café (or short called 'Westend') is an iconic place in Zaandam that everybody who lives in Zaandam has heard of. They decided to move out of their old building to a much bigger place near the city. I've got asked to paint a 6 meters wide wall to add something special to the atmosphere of the pub / sports bar. The idea they've had was Scarface, Diego Maradona, Johan Cruijf and Thomas Shelby together playing at a pool table.
The first sketch I made.
The second sketch I made after receiving their feedback.

Digital design

The client asked me to show the design before it was painted on the wall. We decided to add Tony Montana to the design instead of Al Capone because now we have two real people in the back and two fictional characters in the front. Also, I decided to get rid of all the colors and I thought about one warm color to create the whole design in.
The digital design.


After we agreed on the design I started painting.

Final result

After finishing the design the place was decorated by the staff and Westend was open for visitors.
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