Heroes Music Bar

Because of corona there was a chance that one of the most recognizable alternative rock and metal pubs in Zaandam was going too close down for ever. The only way to survive was gaining some sort of donations from the close group of customers. Heroes decided to create a livestream called 'Vinyl Friday'. Everybody was able to watch the livestream and listen to the live music from different bands inside of the pub. There was a webshop created for this event. I've got asked to help with designing the merchandise that should help with gaining a lot of donations.
Some quick look and feel sketches.

Final outcome


The webshop was launched a couple of days before the start of Vinyl Friday. A lot of people were watching the livestream while wearing their Heroes shirts and hoodies, or they bought it while watching it. Of course, I also watched the livestream and I really enjoyed it. It was great to see how successful the livestream was and how everybody liked the design I made. In the end, luckily the pub survived because of all the merchandise bought trough the webshop.

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